Monday - Friday 7:30 - 6; Saturday 9 - 6; Sunday 10 - 4

Cooper’s Public Market will bring farm fresh eggs and produce, sustainably raised meats, and specialty items to one convenient location. The milk, yogurt, butter etc will be from local family dairies, and there will be local artisan cheeses, honey, olive oil, baked goods and other delicacies available. Best of all, customers will know that everything they purchase was grown/raised/produced within 25-30 miles of Novato by family owned farms and businesses.

Northern California and specifically the Northern Bay Area has long been the epicenter and poster child for the farm to table food movement. As seen by the extreme rise in popularity of farmers markets, CSA programs, and farm co-ops over the past decade, people want high quality trustworthy ingredients and food treats that are healthy, created locally, environmentally sustainable, affordable, and convenient.

Currently to purchase these items, we must drive out to a farm, purchase a share of an entire animal, pay to join a program in which produce/products are selected for us based on what is available, or go to a weekly farmer’s market (where many vendors are not actually local but travel 60-100 + miles). At Cooper’s, customers will be able to choose what they want, how much of it they want, and the selection will be available to them daily.

​Cooper’s Public Market is located at 1425 Grant Ave. in Novato. There is plenty of parking and we share the block with a bakery, a taqueria, a couple of salons, a green dry cleaner, some banks and more great locally owned family businesses. Cooper's is owned and operated by Novato native, Dennis Cooper.

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